Kentucky Adoption Coalition is a coalition of private adoption agencies in Kentucky. KAC membership includes agencies providing Domestic and International adoptions, open and closed adoptions, adoption home studies, pregnancy counseling and maternity services.


Our Members Meet Regularly To:

  • Share and collaborate their work and the work of their agencies in the area of adoption.
  • Inform one another of new developemnts and resources in adoption.
  • Plan shared projects such as activities for Adoption Awareness Month.
  • Advocate on behalf of adoption, particularly private adoption agencies and for the improvement of State Legislation and conditions for adoption in Kentucky.

sticky_note_ky_adoptionsAbout Our Meetings

The KAC meets bi-monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month with member agencies rotating as hosts of the meetings. We are an organized coalition of licensed adoption agencies dedicated to the cooperative effort of preserving, protecting and promoting the choice of agency adoption. We stress education and the ethical, compassionate treatment of birth parents, adoptive parents and the children, before, during and after the adoption process.

Services for Domestic Adoptions

  • Counseling for birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, and their families.
  • Placement Education and Information
  • Home Studies
  • Post-Placement Services
  • Medical and Legal Assistance
  • Interstate Compact of Children (ICPC)
  • Independent Adoption Investigations

If you’re considering adoption through Internet referrals, please check with your local licensed adoption agency before proceeding further or obligating yourself financially.